iPhone 15 Pro showcase a never-before-seen color option!

Newly leaked images of the iPhone 15 Pro showcase a never-before-seen color option from Apple.

iPhone 15 Pro showcase a never-before-seen color option!,

The highly anticipated iPhone 15 Pro has been further unveiled in newly created 3D renders by 9to5Mac, revealing a range of design details and features. Unlike the basic CAD images seen before, the 3D renders have been created from information sourced from several trusted insiders.

The images confirm several aspects of the upcoming iPhone, including a brand-new casing with rounder edges, a bigger camera bump, thinner bezels, solid-state buttons, and a new color option.

The leaked renders depict a new deep red colorway, which is expected to replace the Deep Purple shade and sit alongside the usual white, gold, and Space Black color options. Although Apple may call it something else entirely when the phone launches, the hex code for the color is 410D0D, and its color name is Dark Sienna.

The 3D renders also reveal a thicker camera protrusion, indicating that the iPhone 15 Pro will have bigger sensors than the previous model. In fact, the Pro model could potentially have the chubbiest rear camera system in the entire iPhone 15 lineup. This year’s device is also expected to feature a titanium casing, which will make it feel noticeably different in the hand.

In addition to the new color option and camera bump, the renders also confirm rumors of solid-state buttons that will replace the traditional volume and mute switches found on current iPhones. The Pro model is set to have two haptic engines, which will emulate button presses.

Finally, the renders show the new USB-C port at the bottom of the phone, which will only support maximum charging speeds through Apple-certified cables.

Overall, the newly created 3D renders provide a more detailed look at what we can expect from the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro.

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New Study Reveals Terrifying Speed of AI in Cracking Passwords

AI has the potential to make our daily lives easier in many ways, but like any technology, it can be used for malicious purposes.

AI Cracks Passwords Faster

Artificial intelligence has brought significant advancements in our daily lives, but unfortunately, it can also be used for malicious purposes, such as password cracking. A recent study by Home Security Heroes, a cybersecurity firm, highlights the alarming speed at which AI can crack passwords.

Home Security Heroes used PassGAN, an AI-powered password cracking tool, to analyze over 15 million passwords. Their findings revealed that 51% of commonly used password could be cracked in under a minute, while 65% and 71% could be hacked in less than an hour and a day, respectively. This illustrates how important it is to take proactive steps to safeguard against such threats.

To protect yourself, the cybersecurity firm recommends using strong password with a minimum of 15 characters, including a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Avoid using common words or phrases that are easy for hackers to guess, and never use the same password for multiple accounts. Regularly changing your password is also a must to minimize the risk of being hacked. For those who struggle to remember multiple password, password managers can be a useful tool. These apps generate and store unique, complex passwords for each account, so you only need to remember one master password to access them.

By taking these precautions, you can significantly reduce the risk of being hacked and keep your personal information safe from cybercriminals. Protecting your online security is crucial in today’s digital age, and using strong passwords and password managers is one way to safeguard your data.

Remember that passwords are your first line of defense against cybercriminals. Therefore, they need to be strong enough to prevent cracking attempts by AI tools such as PassGAN. Lengthy passwords, consisting of multiple letters, numbers, and symbols, make it difficult for cybercriminals to crack them. Additionally, never reuse your passwords, as doing so makes it easy for cybercriminals to access multiple accounts.

Finally, change your passwords periodically, and do not rely on a single password for all accounts. In this way, you can protect yourself against potential data breaches and cyberattacks. By following these simple guidelines, you can keep your information safe and secure

AI Cracks Passwords Faster Source: Home Security Heros

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1M+ WordPress sites infected by Balada Injector Malware.

Over the past few years, an ongoing malware campaign called Balada Injector has affected over a million WordPress websites.

Image Source: The Hacker News

This massive campaign is known for leveraging all known and recently discovered theme and plugin vulnerabilities to breach WordPress sites. According to GoDaddy’s Sucuri, the attacks play out in waves once every few weeks. The attackers use various obfuscation techniques and fake domains to redirect users to scam sites, fake tech support, and rogue CAPTCHA pages.

Security researcher Denis Sinegubko said that “This campaign is easily identified by its preference for String.fromCharCode obfuscation, the use of freshly registered domain names hosting malicious scripts on random subdomains, and by redirects to various scam sites.” The malware ultimately allows for the generation of fake WordPress admin users, harvests data stored in the underlying hosts, and leaves backdoors for persistent access.

The report builds on recent findings from Doctor Web, which detailed a Linux malware family that exploits flaws in more than two dozen plugins and themes to compromise vulnerable WordPress sites. In the interim years, Balada Injector has relied on over 100 domains and a plethora of methods to take advantage of known security flaws (e.g., HTML injection and Site URL), with the attackers primarily attempting to obtain database credentials in the wp-config.php file.

Additionally, the attacks are engineered to read or download arbitrary site files – including backups, database dumps, log and error files – as well as search for tools like adminer and phpmyadmin that could have been left behind by site administrators upon completing maintenance tasks.

If these attack pathways turn out to be unavailable, the admin password is brute-forced using a set of 74 predefined credentials. WordPress users are, therefore, recommended to keep their website software up-to-date, remove unused plugins and themes, and use strong WordPress admin passwords.

It’s important to note that this is not the first time a malware campaign has affected WordPress websites. In fact, weeks ago, Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 uncovered a similar malicious JavaScript injection campaign that redirects site visitors to adware and scam pages. More than 51,000 websites have been affected since 2022.

The findings highlight the need for website owners to keep their website software up-to-date and remove unused plugins and themes to prevent attackers from exploiting known security flaws. By doing so, WordPress users can reduce their risk of falling victim to attacks like Balada Injector and similar campaigns.


Balada Injector malware campaign is a serious threat to WordPress sites, having infected over a million websites. Website owners should take steps to protect themselves, such as keeping their software up-to-date and removing unused plugins and themes.

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GPT-5: Everything We Know So Far

GPT-5, including its release date, claims of achieving AGI, and pushback from skeptics and critics.

GPT-5 is the highly anticipated Large Language Model (LLM) that’s expected to be released by OpenAI, the same company that brought us the highly successful ChatGPT. GPT-5 aims to be a major improvement over GPT-4, but very little is known about it at this point. Here’s everything that we do know so far.

Release Date:

OpenAI has been making rapid progress with its LLMs. GPT-3.5 launched alongside ChatGPT in November 2022, and just four months later, GPT-4 debuted in March 2023. According to official statements, OpenAI plans to introduce GPT-4.5 in September or October 2023, which will serve as an intermediate version between GPT-4 and the upcoming GPT-5.

Rumors have suggested that the training for GPT-5 will be completed by December 2023, which could potentially mean a launch sometime in 2024. However, nothing has been officially confirmed yet.


We don’t know much about the specific features of GPT-5, but some early reports are claiming that it will achieve Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), which is a highly advanced level of intelligence that is often considered a hypothetical concept. Achieving AGI would be a major milestone in the field of AI, but it’s important to note that most experts believe it’s still many years away.


There is a lot of excitement around the release of GPT-5, but there’s also been some pushback. A petition signed by over a thousand public figures and tech leaders, including Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, and Andrew Yang, has been published, calling for a pause in the development of anything beyond GPT-4. The concerns over the technology continue to grow among governments and the public at large.

As for availability, it’s unclear how OpenAI will tier out the availability of the new models. GPT-3.5 is currently available in ChatGPT, while GPT-4 is reserved for ChatGPT Plus. It’s assumed that GPT-5 will initially be available in ChatGPT Plus, but it’s unknown if it will eventually be available in the free ChatGPT tool.


While there’s still much we don’t know about GPT-5, there’s a lot of anticipation surrounding its release. The technology has the potential to revolutionize the field of AI and bring us closer to achieving AGI. However, there are also concerns that need to be addressed before the technology can be widely adopted. We’ll have to wait and see how things develop in the coming months and years.

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Install RetroArch for Classic Games on Linux.

Are you a Linux user who wants to relive the nostalgia of classic games?

Image Source:

Look no further than RetroArch, a free and open-source frontend that can emulate games from a wide range of platforms, including Arcade, Atari, Commodore, DOS, GBA, PSP, and more.

Installing RetroArch on Linux is simple and straightforward, and there are several ways to go about it depending on your Linux distribution. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps for installing RetroArch on Ubuntu/Mint, Arch Linux/Manjaro, and Fedora. We’ll also cover how to download and install game cores and content, so you can start playing your favorite classic games in no time.

Installing RetroArch on Ubuntu/Mint
RetroArch is available in most Linux distribution repositories, but it can be outdated in some, such as Ubuntu. The easiest way to install the latest version is through RetroArch’s official Ubuntu PPA. To add the PPA, open a terminal and run the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libretro/stable

Then, to either install or update RetroArch, run the following command:

sudo apt install retroarch*

Installing RetroArch on Arch Linux/Manjaro and Fedora
The software in Arch Linux is typically up-to-date, so you can easily install RetroArch via the system package manager or terminal. Run the following command:

sudo pacman -Sy retroarch

For Fedora, use this command instead:

sudo dnf install retroarch

Installing RetroArch via Flatpak
If you’re using a Linux distribution that doesn’t have RetroArch in its repositories, you can still get the latest release using the universal Flatpak package. Follow the setup guide for your system and then run the following command in the terminal:

flatpak install flathub org.libretro.RetroArch

Downloading and Installing Cores and Content
Once you’ve installed RetroArch, open it from your system’s application launcher. From there, navigate to “Main Menu -> Online Updater” and then “Core System Files Downloader.” Download all the system files required for core operation. Then, update assets, controller profiles, cheats, database, overlays, GLSL shaders, and other elements. Finally, go to “Content Downloader” and download your desired game files.

With these simple steps, you can easily install and set up RetroArch on your Linux machine, and start reliving the nostalgia of classic games in no time!

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What’s GPU Thermal Throttling and is it harmful?

In this post, we delve into the topic of GPU thermal throttling, its impact on your Windows computer, and how to mitigate its effects.

Image source:

If you are an avid PC gamer, having a powerful GPU is essential to getting the most out of your games. However, it’s equally important to be aware of the phenomenon of thermal throttling.

While several factors can cause performance issues, some are more difficult to pinpoint than others. One such issue is GPU thermal throttling. In essence, this occurs when the GPU’s temperature rises to a level that could potentially cause permanent damage. As a result, the GPU’s clock speed is lowered to a level that is more manageable and less likely to cause damage.

GPU clock speed refers to the speed at which the GPU chip can process information that requires a lot of calculations, such as graphics processing. A faster clock speed usually means higher efficiency in storing and processing graphics information, resulting in increased frames per second. However, higher clock speeds also generate more heat, potentially causing the GPU to overheat.

Thermal throttling comes into play when a GPU overheats, preventing further damage by lowering the clock speed. It is triggered when the ambient temperature of the computer is too high or when the GPU is overworked due to heavy GPU-based applications. If left unchecked, thermal throttling can result in a drop in framerate, visual glitches in the game, and even a system crash.

To prevent thermal throttling, it’s important to keep an eye on your GPU’s temperature and avoid overworking it. Check the ambient temperature of your computer and ensure that it’s not too high. You can also consider investing in better cooling options such as liquid cooling or upgrading your GPU with one that has better thermal performance.


GPU thermal throttling can have a significant impact on your gaming experience and potentially cause permanent damage to your system. By understanding its causes and effects, you can take the necessary steps to prevent it and optimize your gaming experience.

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Players of Call of Duty will face a ban if they use Cronus hardware.

Activision has announced that it will be cracking down on players who use third-party hardware tools to cheat in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0.

Image source:

In a blog post, Activision explained that the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat software would be updated to detect devices like Cronus and XIM hardware, which deliberately give players an unfair advantage by modifying game elements like recoil.

Although some may argue that using hardware like this isn’t cheating, it can make a significant difference to a player’s performance. When using devices like Cronus, players can reduce or even eliminate recoil, essentially turning every gun into a laser beam. This gives them a noticeable edge over players who don’t use such hardware, and it can be frustrating for those who want to compete fairly.

Activision’s crackdown on this kind of hardware use follows similar measures implemented by other games, such as Rainbow Six Siege and Fortnite, which have detection systems and bans in place to prevent players from using third-party tools to cheat.

The RICOCHET Anti-Cheat software will first detect players using Cronus or XIM hardware and then issue them a warning. The company will inform players that “continued improper use of these devices may lead to additional warnings, the deployment of mitigations, account or feature suspensions, or the banning of the offending account across Call of Duty titles, per our Security and Enforcement Policy.”

Activision’s goal is not to immediately ban players but to provide them with a warning before resorting to account bans. These changes to the anti-cheat system and more are part of the Season 03 update, which will go live soon.

The move has been welcomed by many players who feel that third-party hardware use has been a significant problem for those who don’t use it. Activision’s decision to crack down on cheating will make Call of Duty a fairer and more enjoyable game for all players, regardless of whether they use third-party hardware or not.


Activision’s decision to implement stricter measures against third-party hardware tools in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 is a step in the right direction. While some may argue that using such hardware is not cheating, it can give players an unfair advantage and make the game less enjoyable for others. By detecting and warning players who use these devices, Activision is ensuring that Call of Duty remains a fair and enjoyable game for all players.

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WhatsApp adding bottom navigation for Android.

WhatsApp, a messaging platform owned by Meta, is constantly working on adding new features to improve the app’s user experience.

Image Source:

The latest update that has been spotted on the WhatsApp beta version for Android is a redesigned bottom navigation bar. This feature is aimed at improving the visual aspect of the app and making it consistent with Google’s design philosophy.

The new navigation bar has four options: Chats, Communities, Status, and Calls. The redesigned bottom bar also looks similar to the one on the iOS version of WhatsApp, making the experience consistent for those who switch from Android to iOS and vice versa. The new feature is currently rolling out through the Google Play Beta Program as part of version

Although it is uncertain when this new bottom navigation bar will make its way to the stable version of the app, it is expected to arrive in the next few weeks as it is essential for maintaining UI consistency.

In addition to the bottom navigation bar, WhatsApp has also introduced other new features such as an Instagram-style text editor and fingerprint authentication for chats, which is a significant security feature that should have been in place already. The company is constantly working on improving its features to provide a better user experience.

However, not all features are perfect, and there have been some issues with polls, which were added to the app in November. The initial version of the polls feature required users to vote on all options, which was inconvenient for many users. Thankfully, an update in December fixed the issue, enabling users to vote on just one of the poll options.


In conclusion, the redesigned bottom navigation bar is a subtle but significant change that improves the app’s functionality and visual elements, providing a better user experience. WhatsApp’s constant efforts to improve its features and address any issues show its commitment to providing the best possible user experience.

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iOS 17 getting redesigned Control Center.

Apple’s upcoming iOS 17 update is generating buzz, with the latest rumors suggesting that Control Center will receive a redesign for the first time since iOS 11 in 2017.

Image Source: GSM Arena

Control Center, introduced in iOS 7, is a feature that allows users to quickly access settings and native apps, including Wi-Fi, cellular, and Bluetooth settings, as well as media controls and shortcuts to some native apps. While there are no official details yet on the redesign, it is expected to offer more customization options to users.

Initially, Bloomberg reported that iOS 17 would be a minor update focused on stability improvements. However, recent reports indicate that Apple has asked engineers to add much-requested features to iOS 17. Rumors also suggest that Apple may drop support for older devices like the iPhone 8, iPhone X, and the first-generation iPad Pro.

Apple is set to officially announce iOS 17, along with other major OS versions like watchOS 10, tvOS 17, and macOS 14, at WWDC 2023, which is scheduled for June 5-9. The event is expected to be held at Apple Park, and many are hoping for news about the long-awaited augmented reality headset project.

Apple enthusiasts have long awaited the company’s AR headset, which many believe could be a game-changer in the tech industry. Rumors have suggested that the headset could feature 8K displays, eye-tracking technology, and more. While there is no official confirmation yet, WWDC 2023 could be the event where Apple finally unveils the highly-anticipated project.

Overall, iOS 17 is expected to bring changes to Control Center, new features requested by users, and potentially drop support for some older devices. The highly-anticipated WWDC 2023 will provide more information about the new update and other major OS versions from Apple, as well as potential news on the AR headset project.

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A preview of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is available.

Samsung has been known for its flagship Galaxy Z Fold series of smartphones, which have a foldable display. The upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 is the latest addition to this series and is expected to offer a few significant improvements in terms of design and hardware specifications. Here are the major leaks and rumors about the upcoming device:

Image Source: Twitter

Until now what do we know about the Z Fold 5?

Release Date:
The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is expected to be launched in August 2023. This is based on the launch dates of previous models, including the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

The upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 will reportedly have a different hinge design than its predecessor, which will allow the phone to fold flat and also have a less pronounced crease. The device is also expected to be thinner and lighter than the Galaxy Z Fold 4. The outer display will retain a camera, but it is uncertain if the internal display will have an under-display camera.

Samsung is planning to announce a single model of the Galaxy Z Fold 5. However, different RAM and storage combinations may be available. The device is rumored to come in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB variants, all of them sporting 12GB of RAM (LPDDR5X RAM).

There is no specific rumor about the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s price. However, it is expected to have a similar price to its predecessor, which started at $1,799 in the US.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is expected to be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, the most powerful processor Qualcomm has to offer. Both displays are set to offer a 120Hz refresh rate, and the main display is expected to be sharper than the cover panel’s display. The phone will likely offer 12GB of LPDDR5X RAM, and its storage options are expected to range from 256GB to 1TB.

Water Resistance:
It is uncertain what level of water resistance the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will have. Some rumors suggest that an IP68 rating will be on offer, while others indicate that the phone will only have an IPX8 rating.

In conclusion,

the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is expected to be a significant improvement over its predecessor, with a thinner and lighter design, a flat folding feature, and improved hinge and display. The device is expected to be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC and offer up to 1TB of storage. While the price and water resistance rating are uncertain, the device is still eagerly awaited by many fans of the Galaxy Z Fold series.

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