Google Drive removes a contentious file restriction just weeks after it was revealed.

Google Drive removes a contentious file restriction just weeks after it was revealed.

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Google Drive did not directly mention the five million file limit in its Twitter statement, instead calling it a “system upgrade to Drive file limits” intended to “preserve security and improve efficiency.” The business goes on to state that while this change only affected a few individuals, it is still reversing the change “as we investigate alternate methods to guarantee a wonderful experience for all.” In a subsequent tweet, the business vowed to convey such adjustments to users in advance in the future.

Image Source: Google Drive Twitter Account.

One of the most serious problems with the company’s initial five million file restriction was a dearth of communication. Google Drive didn’t mention the new limit in any of its help documents, and only when users reached the limit were they notified that they couldn’t upload or make any more files. Another point of disagreement was that the restriction unfairly impacted users paying for 2TB or 5TB of storage. After all, individuals are willing to spend up to $25 per month to store as many files as they want. It doesn’t help that files transferred to trash continue to tally against the cap until explicitly deleted. (or automatically disappear after 30 days).

We can only hope that if Google continues to follow this file creation restriction for stability and efficiency optimizations, it will provide a better line of communication and will not again butt heads with those who pay the most for its services.

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