GPT-5: Everything We Know So Far
GPT-5: Everything We Know So Far

GPT-5: Everything We Know So Far

GPT-5, including its release date, claims of achieving AGI, and pushback from skeptics and critics.

GPT-5 is the highly anticipated Large Language Model (LLM) that’s expected to be released by OpenAI, the same company that brought us the highly successful ChatGPT. GPT-5 aims to be a major improvement over GPT-4, but very little is known about it at this point. Here’s everything that we do know so far.

Release Date:

OpenAI has been making rapid progress with its LLMs. GPT-3.5 launched alongside ChatGPT in November 2022, and just four months later, GPT-4 debuted in March 2023. According to official statements, OpenAI plans to introduce GPT-4.5 in September or October 2023, which will serve as an intermediate version between GPT-4 and the upcoming GPT-5.

Rumors have suggested that the training for GPT-5 will be completed by December 2023, which could potentially mean a launch sometime in 2024. However, nothing has been officially confirmed yet.


We don’t know much about the specific features of GPT-5, but some early reports are claiming that it will achieve Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), which is a highly advanced level of intelligence that is often considered a hypothetical concept. Achieving AGI would be a major milestone in the field of AI, but it’s important to note that most experts believe it’s still many years away.


There is a lot of excitement around the release of GPT-5, but there’s also been some pushback. A petition signed by over a thousand public figures and tech leaders, including Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, and Andrew Yang, has been published, calling for a pause in the development of anything beyond GPT-4. The concerns over the technology continue to grow among governments and the public at large.

As for availability, it’s unclear how OpenAI will tier out the availability of the new models. GPT-3.5 is currently available in ChatGPT, while GPT-4 is reserved for ChatGPT Plus. It’s assumed that GPT-5 will initially be available in ChatGPT Plus, but it’s unknown if it will eventually be available in the free ChatGPT tool.


While there’s still much we don’t know about GPT-5, there’s a lot of anticipation surrounding its release. The technology has the potential to revolutionize the field of AI and bring us closer to achieving AGI. However, there are also concerns that need to be addressed before the technology can be widely adopted. We’ll have to wait and see how things develop in the coming months and years.

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