Linux Lite 6.4 is now available with Webp image support

Linux Lite 6.4 is now available with Webp image support

Linux Lite, the lightweight Ubuntu-based Linux distro,

Linux Lite 6.4:

Built on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, it provides users with the latest features and updates while remaining stable and reliable.

With the inclusion of the XFCE4 desktop interface, Linux Lite 6.x provides a lightweight and customizable desktop environment that tailors to any user’s needs. Despite its emphasis on performance and speed, Linux Lite 6.x does not compromise on aesthetics, and its refined desktop look is sure to impress even the most discerning users.

The recent update to Linux Lite 6.4 added support for the WebP picture format, allowing the default Thunar file browser to correctly display thumbnail previews for this file type. Additionally, the update introduced “SystemD” functionality for its built-in system report dialog, making it simple to troubleshoot a wide range of starting and general system issues.

Other modifications in the update include redesigned icons, spaces toolbar, new address book, message header customization, import and export wizard, and matrix chat support included in Thunderbird. New backgrounds and updated symbol motifs add to the visual appeal. Chrome, LibreOffice, and other essential apps have also been updated.

Whether you are a seasoned Linux user or a newcomer to the world of open-source software, Linux Lite 6.x is a powerful and user-friendly distribution that meets all of your needs. Download Linux Lite 6.4 today and give your old machine a new lease of life!

Among the other modifications in the update are:

  • Packaging with ZSTD compression results in smaller container volumes.
  • Redesigned Icons, Spaces Toolbar, New Address Book, Message Header Customization.
  • Import and Export Wizard, and Matrix Chat Support are all included in Thunderbird.
  • New backgrounds have been added.
  • The symbol motif has been updated.
  • In addition, Chrome, LibreOffice, and other essential apps have been updated.

Go to the official page of the newest Linux Lite to obtain the disco image:

Read More About Linux: click here

Previous Linux Lite 6.x users can update to the new version by opening “Settings Manager” and clicking “Lite Upgrade.”

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