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Players of Call of Duty will face a ban if they use Cronus hardware.

Activision has announced that it will be cracking down on players who use third-party hardware tools to cheat in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0.

Image source: esports.net

In a blog post, Activision explained that the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat software would be updated to detect devices like Cronus and XIM hardware, which deliberately give players an unfair advantage by modifying game elements like recoil.

Although some may argue that using hardware like this isn’t cheating, it can make a significant difference to a player’s performance. When using devices like Cronus, players can reduce or even eliminate recoil, essentially turning every gun into a laser beam. This gives them a noticeable edge over players who don’t use such hardware, and it can be frustrating for those who want to compete fairly.

Activision’s crackdown on this kind of hardware use follows similar measures implemented by other games, such as Rainbow Six Siege and Fortnite, which have detection systems and bans in place to prevent players from using third-party tools to cheat.

The RICOCHET Anti-Cheat software will first detect players using Cronus or XIM hardware and then issue them a warning. The company will inform players that “continued improper use of these devices may lead to additional warnings, the deployment of mitigations, account or feature suspensions, or the banning of the offending account across Call of Duty titles, per our Security and Enforcement Policy.”

Activision’s goal is not to immediately ban players but to provide them with a warning before resorting to account bans. These changes to the anti-cheat system and more are part of the Season 03 update, which will go live soon.

The move has been welcomed by many players who feel that third-party hardware use has been a significant problem for those who don’t use it. Activision’s decision to crack down on cheating will make Call of Duty a fairer and more enjoyable game for all players, regardless of whether they use third-party hardware or not.


Activision’s decision to implement stricter measures against third-party hardware tools in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 is a step in the right direction. While some may argue that using such hardware is not cheating, it can give players an unfair advantage and make the game less enjoyable for others. By detecting and warning players who use these devices, Activision is ensuring that Call of Duty remains a fair and enjoyable game for all players.

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