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iPhone 15 Pro showcase a never-before-seen color option!

Newly leaked images of the iPhone 15 Pro showcase a never-before-seen color option from Apple.

iPhone 15 Pro showcase a never-before-seen color option!,

The highly anticipated iPhone 15 Pro has been further unveiled in newly created 3D renders by 9to5Mac, revealing a range of design details and features. Unlike the basic CAD images seen before, the 3D renders have been created from information sourced from several trusted insiders.

The images confirm several aspects of the upcoming iPhone, including a brand-new casing with rounder edges, a bigger camera bump, thinner bezels, solid-state buttons, and a new color option.

The leaked renders depict a new deep red colorway, which is expected to replace the Deep Purple shade and sit alongside the usual white, gold, and Space Black color options. Although Apple may call it something else entirely when the phone launches, the hex code for the color is 410D0D, and its color name is Dark Sienna.

The 3D renders also reveal a thicker camera protrusion, indicating that the iPhone 15 Pro will have bigger sensors than the previous model. In fact, the Pro model could potentially have the chubbiest rear camera system in the entire iPhone 15 lineup. This year’s device is also expected to feature a titanium casing, which will make it feel noticeably different in the hand.

In addition to the new color option and camera bump, the renders also confirm rumors of solid-state buttons that will replace the traditional volume and mute switches found on current iPhones. The Pro model is set to have two haptic engines, which will emulate button presses.

Finally, the renders show the new USB-C port at the bottom of the phone, which will only support maximum charging speeds through Apple-certified cables.

Overall, the newly created 3D renders provide a more detailed look at what we can expect from the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro.

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