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Ubuntu 22.10 – Kinetic Kudu released!

A well-known open-source operating system is Ubuntu. The operating system is stable, secure, and easy to use. A new update called Kinetic Kudu has been released for Ubuntu 22.10. Let’s take a deeper look at Ubuntu 22.10, including new features, support dates, and more.

Ubuntu 22.10 (Kinetic Kudu)

Ubuntu 22.10 (Kinetic Kudu) introduces a slew of new features and enhancements that make it a compelling choice for both desktop and server users. Among the main characteristics are:

GNOME 41 – Ubuntu 22.10 includes the most recent version of GNOME, which includes a redesigned power off menu, a new system monitor program, and improved support for numerous screens.

Ubuntu 22.10 comes with kernel 5.16, the most recent version of the Linux kernel, the new kernel includes several new features and enhancements, including enhanced USB-4 support, AMD GPUs support, improved security etc.

Wayland by default – Ubuntu 22.10 now uses Wayland as the default display server for GNOME, which provides better performance and smoother animations.

Improved performance – Ubuntu 22.10 includes several optimizations that improve overall system performance, including faster boot times and reduced memory usage.

Updated applications – Ubuntu 22.10 includes updated versions of several core applications, including LibreOffice 7.2, Firefox 98, and Thunderbird 91.

Support Dates

Ubuntu 22.10 was released on October 20th, 2022, and will be supported for nine months until July 2023. During this time, users will receive regular updates and security patches to ensure their systems remain stable and secure. After the support period ends, users will need to upgrade to a newer version of Ubuntu to continue receiving updates and support.


Ubuntu 22.10 code name Kinetic Kudu is a fantastic version that includes several new features and enhancements.
Ubuntu 22.10 is a reliable option for both desktop and server users, thanks to the newest version of GNOME and upgraded kernel optimized stability and security. If you already use Ubuntu, we strongly advise you to upgrade to this version to take benefit of the new features and enhancements.
If you’re new to Ubuntu, now is a perfect opportunity to give it a shot.

Download Ubuntu 22.10: Click Here

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