The Galaxy S10, A50, and A30 from Samsung will no longer receive updates.

The Galaxy S10, A50, and A30 from Samsung will no longer receive updates.

Official software support for the Galaxy S10 line, Galaxy A50, and Galaxy A30 has been discontinued by Samsung. These phones first appeared in early 2019, and they observed four years on the market last month. The company’s revised strategy of five years of security updates does not extend to 2019 products.

The Galaxy S10 5G is also part of Samsung’s top range for 2019. It didn’t, however, hit the market until April. As a result, the world’s first market 5G smartphone has one more month of formal support. The Korean giant is likely to remove it from its support roster next month.
The Galaxy S10 Lite, on the other hand, was released in early 2020 and will continue to receive upgrades until January 2024.

In 2019, Samsung redesigned its mid-range smartphone inventory, ending some models and rebranding others. As the business confronted intense competition from Chinese companies, the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A30 signaled the start of a new path.

The former was an immediate success, and the Galaxy A5x series has been the company’s “best value” smartphone portfolio ever since. The new Galaxy A54 5G also does not fail.

However, if you’re still using an outdated Galaxy A50, it’s good time to update. The same is true for Galaxy A30 users. These phones are nearing the end of their useful existence.

They will no longer receive upgrades, at least not in the near future. Samsung occasionally sends one more update after discontinuing official support, but keep your expectations low.

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