Use only this browser extension with ChatGPT.

Use only this browser extension with ChatGPT.

While having many options can be beneficial, it can also be overwhelming for users who just want a simple and effective solution. In this article, we will focus on one such solution – the UniJump browser extension for ChatGPT users.

UniJump is a browser extension that aims to simplify the ChatGPT user experience. It hooks into your existing ChatGPT/OpenAI use without requiring any additional sign-ups or payments. The extension’s main feature is a keyboard shortcut (Alt+J) that brings up a box with a range of example prompts to help users extract better responses from ChatGPT.

One of the most significant advantages of UniJump is its simplicity. It doesn’t add any additional layers or services built on top of OpenAI APIs, which can be confusing for new users. Instead, it provides an easy-to-use interface that allows users to access ChatGPT quickly and efficiently.

UniJump also includes a paraphrasing tool that you can use with copied text or dedicated inputs. You can apply tags to your text to change the style and tone, making it shorter or more detailed. The paraphrasing tool can also automatically pop up when you’re writing messages on social media, making it easy to integrate with your daily workflow.

Another notable feature of UniJump is its convenience. It’s nicer to look at than vanilla ChatGPT, and it automatically pastes the last text copied to your clipboard into the chat box. This feature makes it easy to use ChatGPT to act on a passage from a piece of content you’re reading.

UniJump doesn’t store any of your data and is hosted on GitHub, making it transparent and secure. The extension is available for Chrome, Edge, and other supported Chromium browsers from the Chrome Web Store.


UniJump is a simple, convenient, and efficient solution for ChatGPT users who want to improve their ChatGPT experience. With its keyboard shortcut, paraphrasing tool, and automatic paste function, UniJump provides an easy-to-use interface that saves users time and effort. Plus, its transparency and security make it a reliable option for anyone who values their privacy. If you’re a ChatGPT user, give UniJump a try and see how it can enhance your ChatGPT experience.

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