WhatsApp adding bottom navigation for Android.
WhatsApp adding bottom navigation for Android.

WhatsApp adding bottom navigation for Android.

WhatsApp, a messaging platform owned by Meta, is constantly working on adding new features to improve the app’s user experience.

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The latest update that has been spotted on the WhatsApp beta version for Android is a redesigned bottom navigation bar. This feature is aimed at improving the visual aspect of the app and making it consistent with Google’s design philosophy.

The new navigation bar has four options: Chats, Communities, Status, and Calls. The redesigned bottom bar also looks similar to the one on the iOS version of WhatsApp, making the experience consistent for those who switch from Android to iOS and vice versa. The new feature is currently rolling out through the Google Play Beta Program as part of version

Although it is uncertain when this new bottom navigation bar will make its way to the stable version of the app, it is expected to arrive in the next few weeks as it is essential for maintaining UI consistency.

In addition to the bottom navigation bar, WhatsApp has also introduced other new features such as an Instagram-style text editor and fingerprint authentication for chats, which is a significant security feature that should have been in place already. The company is constantly working on improving its features to provide a better user experience.

However, not all features are perfect, and there have been some issues with polls, which were added to the app in November. The initial version of the polls feature required users to vote on all options, which was inconvenient for many users. Thankfully, an update in December fixed the issue, enabling users to vote on just one of the poll options.


In conclusion, the redesigned bottom navigation bar is a subtle but significant change that improves the app’s functionality and visual elements, providing a better user experience. WhatsApp’s constant efforts to improve its features and address any issues show its commitment to providing the best possible user experience.

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